Monday, October 31, 2016

Halloween Trunk or Treat Costa Rica 2016

Since Costa Rica does not typically celebrate Halloween, we created a trunk or treat event for the kids. There is no door to door trick or treating here, in fact, the typical Costa Rican holiday is Festival de las Mascaradas, Festival of the Mascarades. The kids were encouraged to bring a mask to school and they participated in an Activo Civico with singing and dancing. Halloween is more of an adult scene in Costa Rica, in fact, one of the busiest nights for clubs and bars. We wanted to teach the tradition to the local neighborhood kids and let our kids enjoy some good old fashioned trick or treating. So we invited our friends to decorate the trunks of the car, line up and offer a condensed Halloween celebration and it was a big hit! 

We had zombies, witches, pirates, Smurfette and Shrek and Fiona! We also had a Grandma in her rollers, a nerd, 2 Queen Elsas a Geisha and characters from Spirited Away, Nightmare before Christmas and other scary monsters and Scary Movie folks. There was an array of Supers, Superman, Flash, Batgirl, Bumblebee from the Transformers, a Gladiator and Spiderman, of course. Our friend Rebecca brought homemade Halloween cookies and cupcakes and the Devil eggs were gone in 60 seconds! We had green chips and party dip and candied beans! The car themes were great and we packed quite a bit of fun into a 2 hour party. The fiesta ended with everyone being slimed with green goo! Enjoy our photos and Pura Vida!

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  1. Super awesome....thanks for creating new traditions here in CR. Love, Another Texas Mama


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