Monday, September 26, 2016

How To Buy Computers in Costa Rica

So now that we have a booming business, we are faced with business problems when our computer breaks down. What to do when it comes time to purchase a computer in Costa Rica? First, deciding whether or not to buy a laptop or desktop is a decision you need to ponder. Desktops are so comfortable, but they aren't portable. Laptops are great if you plan to move around or travel, but if they are too big, they are heavy and bulky and hard to carry around. I can't get much work done on a tablet because they are really just for facebook and photos and games for my kids. If the laptop is too small, you can't see anything on the screen and it can be hard to type and drag your fat fingers around on the soft pad, which will eventually stop working if overused anyway. So let's face it, once you make a decision what kind of techy gadget to buy, then you have so many choices. OMG, who in the world knows what all the numbers and acronyms mean next to the brand name? Every few years we have to spend hours researching the best computer deals just to succumb to something we really know nothing about. Well in Costa Rica, there is a completely different animal to deal with. First, we do not have all the choices. Secondly, there are only a few stores to chose from and unless you speak great Spanish, you can't necessarily pick the brain of the salesman to cater to your specific needs. Lastly, and most importantly, prices are super high. So it feels like a losing battle, but not anymore! We just bought a laptop from Costa Rica Computers and had it shipped to Costa Rica. They have an International website, in Spanish too, so it is not just for expats or immigrants, this site can be great for Ticos too!

The service was great because we were not sure what we wanted but the customer service representative answered all our questions over a skype call.  He helped us narrow down to a name-brand we trust and the perfect size for portability and affordability. To top it off, as if he was psychic, he sent us a follow-up customer service email and personal video once we received our computer. We literally plugged it in and got an email and video from him. When we moved to CR over 3 years ago, I knew I would miss Amazon ordering, but I was willing to make the sacrifice. Costa Rica Computers has completely changed my mind about ordering important electronics to my door in Costa Rica plus I get to get a great deal too. The value and knowledge level of customer service has made me a committed customer for life. I have also become addicted to the blog. They seem to write about every question I randomly ask about computers and high-tech stuff that I do not know much about. 

So we called our sales rep to ask him a really dumb question about our internet in Costa Rica, I know, as if he can help. And after a few questions back and forth, he basically told us our 6 year old router was a piece of crap. Here we have been blaming our internet company for 3 years for our crappy internet and it ended up being our crappy router. So we ordered a new one and it did not break our bank! and it arrived just 10 days later to my door!!! Safe and reliable and now we have lightening speed. I am so happy RTG has made the leap to international waters. Costa Rica is a wonderful place to live and raise a family and now we have more options than we had before. Like ordering computers and electronics in the mail and receiving great customer service to boot. Whether you are a Gringo or a Tico, check out Costa Rica Computers for great deals on computers in Costa Rica. 

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