Friday, September 2, 2016

Another Great BIRTHDAY!

This year was no exception, when Max and Sara were asked what they wanted for their birthday they both agreed they wanted a huge Tico style piñata party to celebrate their birthdays which are 3 days apart. So we called some friends and added a 3rd participant, their friend Sam who was turning 4. Sara turned 5 and Max turned a proud 7 years old. We baked our own cakes and cooked our food, so considering we only paid for the piñatas and the abundance of candy that went inside, we only spent about $200 on the whole party, which was a great budget because there were over 50 kids here! Had we actually made our own piñatas, I think we would have saved more money, but better try that in a few years when the kids are a bit older. 

We decided to show some of our neighborhood friends some of our older traditions from the states, so instead of ordering a bouncy house or having a face painter, we did a scavenger hunt style party with old time games including tug-of-war, mini putt-putt, hopscotch and sack races. We made recycled piggy banks out of milk jugs and the kids tried their art skills on palm fronds which make great looking wall art and are abundant in Costa Rica, perfect for a free organic painters pallet.

Matt and his buddy Josh stood behind our Carne Rico Jerky sign and allowed the kids to throw water balloons at their faces really breaking the ice at the party! What makes kids so happy to throw water balloons at dad's faces?? Fun, fun, fun! 
After hopscotch, food, gifts and cake, we got down to the business of the slamming 3 piñatas. To keep all things fair, we let Sam go first with his age group at the Pokemon ball piñata, then Sara and her age group destroyed the Rainbow Dash piñata. Then the big kids smashed Darth Vader quickly. It was a great party and so fun bringing back the old school ways for partying.  Pura Vida!

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  1. It looks like the kids had a great time, and parents, too!! Wish I could have been there to enjoy with all of you. Love you very much, Mom


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