Friday, May 6, 2016

Small Business for Sale in Atenas, Costa Rica! SOLD!!!

Kay's Gringo Postres is for sale. Kay's is a small North American style Cafe located in the quaint central valley community of Atenas. This sweet little restaurant has been serving great food, delicious desserts and good old fashioned hospitality to Costa Rica visitors and a diversified loyal ex-pat community for more than a decade. It has become known as "ex-pat central" for the northwest central valley. Our family loves having breakfast at Kay's because they offer back home basics like pancakes, Migas & BLT's. The decor is relaxed and open air, great for a lazy day with the laptop!

Kay's is also known for the extensive lending library. The kids love when we go because there are so many awesome children s' books plus board games for them to destroy. Not to mention the glorious home made style pies and cakes under the glass counter for them to drool and smudge their grubby fingerprints along. Undoubtedly the best pies you will ever put in your mouth! If you did not come to Costa Rica for a tradicionaly American style breakfast, don't worry, the menu also offers Tico style dishes and is open for late lunches. 

We have never had a bad dish at Kay's and their Sunday brunch is staple in the quaint town of Atenas. The original owners of Kay's, Kay Costello and her husband were the founders of the famous Atenas Chili Fiesta, a charity to benefit the local orphanage, Hogar de Vida. Carne Rico Jerky has been a part of this famed event for 3 years and even took home the trophy last year for People's Choice Best Chili! The current owners, Harold and Lisa are still a big part of the event and the community. While they absolutely love their life, home and businesses in Atenas, they reluctantly have personal issues to contend with back home in Texas. We are all sad to see them go, but hopefully this will open a new door for a future Costa Rican business owner!

Kay's is a great turn-key option for someone looking to semi-retire in a beautiful country known for the World's Best Climate! That's right, Atenas boasts an awesome climate for cool nights and days just warm enough for a chilly pool! It never reaches higher than about 82 degrees each day with gorgeous mountain views and a perfect location between San Jose and the beach just off the highway. The business is fully legally incorporated, licensed, and inspected with all legal requirements up to date. If interested, contact Harold or Lisa or Telephone inquiries call 011-506-2446-0664. Pura Vida!


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