Friday, May 13, 2016

Día de Agricultor Fun in School

The first week in May, the children celebrated Day of the Worker, as in many other places in the world. Max dressed as a doctor and Sara dressed as a gardener. This week, was Agricultor week, specifically May 15th in Costa Rica, is Día de Agricultor. The school planned a party today with an exhibition by the children, each class performed a song, dance, reading or skit to show appreciation for the long standing heritage of agriculture in Costa Rica. Our daughter Sara was a sapito, or little frog. Max did a song and dance as well, while the older kids practiced their lines all week for skits, reenacting examples of farming practices used for many decades across the country along with baile tipico, or typical dance often seen all over Costa Rica.  After the exhibition, the kids played team games, ate special foods and had a party before heading into the weekend. It was another reason to pull out the camera and show our friends and family a cute show and why we love Costa Rica. Pura Vida!

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  1. Wow ... kids are very funny, is it good ?, a dance contest


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