Monday, March 21, 2016

Submit an Article and Help Change the World!

Submit Articles is an independent blog for people interested in natural health, living the simple life and building a life in another language, promoting the PURA VIDA (PURE LIFE) from anywhere to help change the world. Since we left our cluttered lives in Texas and moved to Costa Rica, we opened Carne Rico Jerky and other smoked meats to sustain our new, simple life. We author and host mind-opening articles encouraging interested people to dive into the simple life, pura vida style! We produce editorials and videos that inspire our readers and liberate them from the hoarding life patronized in the USA of accumulating debt, purchasing many unnecessary material things and living less adventures. We want to motivate people to think out of the box and be courageous and philanthropic to help change the world. We welcome contributing writers to submit their original content along with videos and experiences. If you do not have photos, we can offer beautiful photos from our travels in Costa Rica. 

Submission Guidelines 
Word count: There is no minimum word count, although the ideal post runs between 300 and 1000 words. 
Links to other content: Please consider our goal of supporting the small business and search our site for information and links to certain topics before you link to other sources. We have no desire to promote large businesses and prefer to support local, small artisan type companies and products either related to healthy living or immigration "expat" life. We encourage family stories centered around healthy changes and moves abroad. We love cool recipes, DYI's and journey stories! We love improvement articles and all things "up-beat". 
Tone: We welcome posts both in the third-person and written in a more personal and direct voice.
Lists: Posts offering numbered lists are typically popular, such as “5 Best Smoothies for a Pura Vida Life” and “4 Steps to Improve the World.” Videos are great too! 
Original content: We welcome original articles and posts that are not already distributed to other websites, but are unique to personal blogs or are original to
Story Swap!: Absolutely, I love guest blogging, send me a quick note through my contact envelope and I will be happy to check out your blog or website to discuss an appropriate subject for each of us. I try to post once per week, so I adhere to deadlines and expect the same in return. 
Acceptance notification: You will be notified about the acceptance of your article within 7 business days. We appreciate and thoroughly read all submissions, and we strive to personally engage or respond to all contributors and writers. 
Recognition: We will gladly include a short bio with photo of each contributing writer, including a byline, links to personal blogs, websites, businesses, Facebook and Twitter accounts, etc. Your contributions will be promoted to beyond Costa Rica Happy to a growing online community, further allowing you to leverage your writing into a successful career. To Send Your Submission Please submit articles as text within a body of an email, as an MS Word document, or link below, Look for the envelope . All submissions must include a working title and author bio, a photo is terrific. All supporting images should be attached to the submission email with references to original sources if you do not have image rights. If you would like to use our photos, please describe what image you are looking for to convey your message and we will see what we can do to provide an image from our extensive library. Please note that your submission may be edited, abridged or otherwise altered, and by submitting to Costa Rica HAPPY, you agree to this type of editing. Thank you for you contributions to the Pura Vida lifestyle.

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