Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Planning a Move to Costa Rica?

When you are planning a move to Costa Rica you will quickly find out that there is a great deal to learn about the country. You will need to consider things like whether you want to live on the beach and enjoy surfing, swimming and other beach-side fun or if you prefer the beautiful mountainous areas where it feels like a nice, warm spring all throughout the year. 

Costa Rica is a place where you can find the best of a lively city as well as the peaceful quietness that comes with spacious mountains and quaint beachfront properties. Many expats prefer to purchase property as many locals tend to rent with vacation home pricing instead of long-term rates. If you have the money and plan on staying permanently in Costa Rica, buying a home is going to be your best option when it comes to saving money in the long run. There are however, quite a few affordable homes lining the beaches as well as in the mountain areas that are well worth checking out when you are looking for a new home. 

No matter where you choose to live, you need to take a little time and get acquainted with the area and the people that live here. Talk to other expats but be sure to meet some of the locals and find out where the best places for shopping or dining and entertainment are located. Once you start mingling with others, you will soon have a good feel for how life on the island is lived and how people interact daily whether they are expats or locals. 
Moving Your Car
If you are planning a short stay in Costa Rica you can ship your car over (a1autotransport.com ships internationally) and enjoy driving everywhere for up to 90 days before you have to legally import it and register it to use permanently. Once the 90 days is up you will either need to store it at a government facility or ship it out of the country for 90 days unless you register it. 
When you are making plans to ship the car you will need to decide whether to ship it using RORO transport or Container transport. Both are great for auto shipping but with containers, you can also ship personal belongings and have them arrive at the same time the car arrives. You will be responsible to pay customs and taxes on the car, and taxes on imports can cost up to 45% of the car value or even more. Keep in mind that cars in Costa Rica tend to hold their value for a long time so even older cars can cost quite a bit to import. 
The car shipping company that you hire will be able to assist you with customs paperwork as well as car preparation and making sure your emissions are up to standards before the car ships. Some people wait until they are in Costa Rica and try to purchase a car once they arrive. While this may suit some, it can also be quite expensive. Typically, shipping a car will save money when you compare the overall shipping costs to what you would spend if you had to purchase a car, even an older used car, once you arrive at your new home. 

The Best Reasons to Move to Costa Rica
Some of the best waves in the world as well as the most diverse beaches and spectacular views are in Costa Rica. Aside from the beach there are quite a few great reasons to move to the country.
Great Homes: Locals as well as expats living in Costa Rica tend to take pride in their homes and living spaces. Homes are usually well maintained whether they are rentals or homes for sale
Well-Maintained Land: Those that live in Costa Rica know all too well that other areas have issues with lack of trees due to people cutting them down for firewood or other reasons. In Costa Rica, trees are protected and they can’t be cut down for frivolous reasons, thus ensuring that the mountain areas as well as the coastal areas stay natural and pristine at all times.
Diverse Topography: Costa Rica is well-known for having some of the most diverse beaches in the world. While many know about the beaches, they may not realize that there is so much more to this beautiful island. Mountains, rainforests and much more can be found in Costa Rica and people enjoy a wide array of fun including surfing and swimming as well as hiking, Zip Lining, mountain climbing and much more. 
Modern Amenities: Costa Rica’s internet service, cellular phone service and power has come a long way over the last decade. All of the conveniences that a person is used to in the United States can easily be found in Costa Rica.  American, Canadian and other worldwide foods and beverages are imported daily to ensure that all residents, local or expats, feel comfortable at all times. 
The best thing by far about Costa Rica is that those that live in the country are generally very caring and kind people. The country is laid back and there is always a relaxed feeling no matter where one chooses to work, play or live. When you are ready for the simple life, Costa Rica is the place to be.

For more info about A-1 Auto Transport & the Green Initiative:
Here at A-1 Auto Transport, we believe that going green is the only way to go. We have adopted all possible business practices that reduce our own carbon footprint on the world which we work and live in. Here are some of the steps we have taken in order to prevent the unnecessary use or pollution of our world’s natural resources:
We utilize all available technology to create a virtual paper trail, saving the use of thousands of pieces of paper by way of email and internet correspondence.
We keep our office break room supplied with reusable cookware and utensils.
We provide multiple recycling receptacles throughout our building to ensure that recyclable materials are not going to waste.
Our company recently started an in house composting program to make sure that  all scraps and compostable remnants are put to good use.
Our cleaning supplies are all green products which are guaranteed to have never been tested on animals.
Our office was recently updated with low-flow toilets that maximize the efficiency of the flushing process in order to conserve water.
Our employees have all been provided with personal aluminum water bottles and have also been given access to our multiple tupperware containers in order to discourage the consumption of one-time-use plastics such as bottled water and to-go containers.
All unnecessary power is shut off when our office is not in use.
In our business practices outside of the office, we are also doing all within our power to promote the responsible use of energy and natural resources. Through our partnership with SmartWay Transport, we are helping to advocate the importance of environmental awareness to our partners and clients.

by: Angela Caito
courtesy of: Jason Mueller

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