Friday, March 4, 2016

Carne Rico Jerky Hecho en Costa Rica Smoked Texas Style

Our biggest challenge launching our business in Costa Rica is teaching Ticos about Beef Jerky! It is hard to believe there is a whole country that does not know what beef jerky is, but it is true. The best form of marketing we have had is offering samples of our product in all the larger chain stores. This is very costly, but how else can we get a whole culture of people addicted to our yummy jerky? Facebook has been another great avenue. We have recently posted a few videos about our product and have had great response for a fraction of the cost. So this year, we have laid out an aggressive plan to offer samples in the stores and attack Facebook in Costa Rica. 

We recently took a tour of Montecillos, our meat provider and we are so pleased to know that we offer grass fed beef of the highest quality. The beef we use has never been dulled by GMO grains, steroids or pesticides. In fact, the local beef farmers move the cattle continuously around the land to ensure a more diverse grazing area, giving the cattle a healthier "free-range" diet. We have heard many "expats" complain about the quality of meat here because it is tough. We have learned a way to appreciate the Brahma Bull and creating beef jerky from the tough meat has been genius. The Brahmas are a tough animal equipped for hiking up steep mountains to get to the greenest grass during the dry season and their feet do not rot during the rainy season, so they are the perfect animal for the Costa Rican environment. 

Turns out, Brahmas are also the perfect beef for jerky. After we marinade the beef in our secret recipes, we then smoke the jerky low and slow with coffee firewood in our smokehouse. The smoke is a clean smoke that does not interfere with our flavors. The end product is something to be proud of and sustainable as the ashes are then returned back into the coffee fields. We are currently working on our export permit to open business opportunities throughout the Americas. We currently sell in over 150 stores across Costa Rica including Walmart, Auto Mercado and CafĂ© Britt in the San Jose airport. Beef jerky is definitely catching on in Costa Rica. We are happy to encourage our Carne Rico Jerky as a healthy snack or meal replacement. We do not compromise our beef jerky offering a nitrite / nitrate and gluten free product. We use whole muscle meat of 100% grass fed cattle. So next time you reach for that bag of Jack Links, read the info on the bag. Protein from Soy? Contains Nitrates? and look at the expiration date, anything more than 6 - 10 months should be of concern? Scary and they are the largest provider of beef jerky in the world. 

Our method is old and true, cooking the meat slowly in a smokehouse fired by coffee firewood for flavor and charcoal to maintain heat. No need for machines here. We actually slice the meat and we offer a pure product. I wonder what the other guys are putting in the meat before it goes into a machine to be formed into a shape. If you ever get a chance to visit Costa Rica, please pick up a bag of Carne Rico Jerky and enjoy the true flavors of Costa Rica, smoked Texas style and 100% grass fed! Pura Vida and eat more jerky! 

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