Saturday, February 6, 2016

Atenas Chili Fiesta and Carne Rico Jerky

The annual Atenas Chili Fiesta was a great start to 2016 for Carne Rico Jerky as we took home the trophy for People's Choice Best Chili award!  We smoke all our peppers and meat with coffee firewood and it truly does add a delicious smoky flavor and aroma to our award winning chili! We want to thank all the volunteers and sponsors of the event as most of the proceeds go toward the local orphanage Hogar de Vida. It is not only a great cause to help 35 children in the orphanage, but it is a fun filled day full of games, bull shows and great food and music and of course the best chili in Costa Rica!

We not only served chili in the competition, but we also sold our delicious smoked Beef Jerky and our chili bowls served with rice and tortillas chips. Additionally we  sold smoked pulled pork sliders and smoked ham sliders.

Around 3:00 when they announced the winners of the chili competition, we found out we won the highly coveted award of People's Choice plus a 2 night stay at Ama Tierra Retreat and Wellness Center. Here is the list of winners from the Atenas Chili Cook-off:
First Place Judges Choice is an award given as a result of 11 judges tasting chili considering Aroma, Color, Consistency, Taste and After-Taste. The number of judges goes up or down depending on the number of Chili Teams entering the contest.
*First Place Judges Choice - The Marine Corps League - they have entered our contest for 8 consecutive years and this is their second consecutive win for this 1st place trophy.
*Second Place Judges Choice - Chili BOMBA - a new team this year with great potential for future contests.
*Third Place Judges Choice - South of 'south of the border' - a team who has entered our contest for the last 6 years and is always among the top 4 winners.
*Fourth Place Judges Choice - Chili Willas - a team who have been a trophy winner in every contest they entered since 2013.
Showmanship trophies are judged by 3 judges and their decision is based on presentation of their Team Table which includes table decorations, crazy or colorful costumes and enthusiasm.
*First Place Showmanship - Dinobite - a new team with a clever theme back to the days of the dinosaur.
*Second Place Showmanship - Chili Willas - taking home their second trophy of the day.
*Third Place Showmanship - Chili Chili Bang Bang - a new team this year and we hope to see this team in future contests.
*Vegetarian Chili - Augusto's en Atenas - a new team this year in this expanding category.
*People's Choice Trophy is won by the team who collects the most "silver beans". The public receives a silver bean when they pay admission to the event. The beans are given to a favorite Chili Team based on showmanship and best tasting chili from 19 different Teams.
This years winner was Carne Rico Jerky Smoked Chili - a returning team of 3 years and a first time winner for this trophy.

As if this was not enough for bragging rights, we sold out of all our food by 4:00! What a great day. We were able to cash in our proceeds early and enjoy the show in the bull ring. We watched dancing and music and even a sweet bull fight. In Costa Rica, they never kill the bull and they call it Tica Bull Fighting. Cute. A special thanks to our friends Charlotte, Logan, Dolan, Beth and Paolo. We could not have done it without your help because we were busy all day! Here are some fun photos of our sign that had everyone giggling! Pura Vida!

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