Saturday, January 2, 2016

Happy New Year 2016

Our tribe had the pleasure of visiting Jacó beach this year for a spectacular fireworks display and live music at the beautiful Club del Mar. We want to thank the owner, Phillip for inviting our family to accompany the band while Matt played drums. He not only paid the band, but he also accomodated us in a hotel room and fed us at no charge.  Dave "the Dude" Scott sang on vocals and Nancy Bucham played violin backed by BedRock including vocals and drums by Matt Meeks, Mark Jones on bass and Gary Lombardi on guitar. We arrived early hoping to miss traffic and we did. We spent the day at the end of Jacó beach in a pool on the water surrounded by lush trees and low tide. The beach was perfect and the waves were unusually small, great for the kids. Our goal was to get them tired enough to nap in the afternoon before returning for dinner, music and fireworks. Our plan was only partially successful since Max did not sleep. When we did return, there was a lavish buffet dinner with seared ahi tuna, filet kabobs, pork and pineapple kabobs, salads and all the accompaniments. The outside bar was hopping with happy, hot people drinking and ready for the music to begin. With the help of some kind mothers, we were able to pull together some lawn chairs to make a bed for the kids. I was able to get a few photos before I was on child duty. Once they fell asleep, I couldn't leave to get more videos of the music, so I apologize for the lack of visibility on the videos I was able to sneak. I could not even get any of the fireworks because Sofia was squeezing me so tightly out of fear of the sound of the fireworks. 

Max didn't nap and being cranky and tired, he did not enjoy the fireworks, but they were spectacular. On the other hand, Sara was mesmerized. We had a view of the entire Jacó strip and watched fireworks for nearly an hour. Club del Mar had an impressive 20 minutes of fireworks in the cove. The only complaint was the lack of wind or breezes. We have so much wind on our mountain in Grecia and we kept saying, "I can't wait to get home to our cool house on the mountain." Don't let the heat and humidity of Jacó beach discourage you as Club del Mar has all the amenities to keep you cool. If you have a chance to vacation there, you will not be disappointed because the hotel, condominiums, bar and restaurant were superb. It is nice to visit or vacation, but we are not cut out for beach life. December and January are known for extreme winds in Costa Rica, but it was as hot as a billy goat with a torch stuck up his Jacó;) ¡Pura Vida! 

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  1. Awesome photos! Thanks for sharing. It looks like an amazing time.


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