Thursday, December 17, 2015

Graduation de Max 2015

Max graduated kindergarten this year at Escuela San Francisco on a mountain in Grecia Costa Rica. The 4th graders also graduated. We were proud of his accomplishment because not only is he fluent in Spanish, he has learned respect for the Costa Rican culture, land and animals. They practice many civics at the public schools and we try to attend every ceremony and festival celebrated. He will be out of school for 2 whole months for the Christmas holiday and our goals are to have him reading and writing before he returns for 1st grade. It is more difficult to teach him while he is attending school because of the language differences. So we have a strict plan to speak only English in the house and work on his pronunciation. He already speaks with a light Spanish accent. We do not regret this experience though and I highly recommend immersion into the public school system because he has neighborhood friends and he teaches us songs and the salute to the flag and things we might have never understood this quickly if not for this immersion. If our kids were older, it probably would not have been an option, but they are the perfect age to mix and mingle with the locals. I hope you enjoy our photos and consider immersion if you plan to immigrate into another culture. Wish us luck! Pura Vida! 

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