Friday, November 6, 2015

Carne Rico Jerky at La Ruta de los Conquistadores 2015

La Ruta de los Conquistadores is an adventure race founded by Roman Urbina in 1993, in his quest to retrace the path of the original three Spanish Conquistadors, Juan de Cavallón, Perafán de Rivera and Juan Vásquez de Coronado, who in the 1560’s began a 20-year journey through the beautiful and treacherous mountains of Costa Rica. Urbina created the toughest mountain bike race on the planet known today as La Ruta de los Conquistadores. The race begins on the Pacific coast and extends across the country to the Caribbean Sea on mountain bikes with water rafting options and plenty of wildlife and weather in between. With nearly 400 contestants, this year will be epic! La Ruta is posting minute by minute results, photos and videos of the event, so be sure to follow them on faceook and twitter #LaRuta2015! This year, Carne Rico Jerky was invited to be a part of the event as a sponsor providing artisan beef jerky offering a high protein, low fat, nitrate free snack to boost the energy of the racers. Rain or shine, these cyclists need everything they can get in this grueling race! With 4 checkpoints each day in the 3 day race, they are offered fruit, potatoes with salt, sandwiches, cakes, jellies, water, Gatorade, and of course, Carne Rico Jerky. 351 racers made it through the first day. Lico Ramírez, Luis Mejía, Diyer Rincón, and Paolo Montoya were neck and neck the entire 3 days. The second day claimed the most casualties with over 50 riders either not starting or not finishing by the final checkpoint, obviously due to the rigors of Day 1. Ages ranged from the teens to upper 60s as these competitors challenged themselves over 250 kilometers and upwards vertically to over 4200 meters! The top 4 winners were from Columbia and Costa Rica with Luis Mejía winning overall in an astonishing 11 hours, 45 minutes and 25 seconds combined time over the 3 day torturous competition. 
Thank you La Ruta for allowing us to be a part of the toughest mountain bike race on the planet! We look forward to help fuel the riders next year with Carne Rico Jerky. And if you missed it, don't forget to visit their facebook page for some incredible videos and photos of the event. Amazing! Pura Vida!

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