Monday, December 15, 2014

More Music

Not only does my husband smoke awesome BEEF JERKY, Matt is a fantastic drummer and since he is just one of those weirdos who can play anything after hearing it once, he plays in many different bands. He misses his band mates from Texas in Bayou Funk Experiment (BFE) since they were a 10 piece with 3 horns and full of awesome Rhythm and Groove with the best singer ever, Clayton Mabin. He has plenty of opportunity to play in Costa Rica. He is currently playing with Bedrock, a classic rock band with some soul and a sax. They play many private gigs, but recently they played the Hard Rock Cafe. He also plays with a band called The Unusual Suspects. His 3rd band (in no order or preference) is called Boogie Chillin'.

Matt is playing with Veto Verone at The HardRock Cafe in Escazu this March 25th from 8 - 11pm. This is a benefit and open to the public. 
Matt is also playing this March 29th from 1 - 4pm at La Formatta with 2 bands - The Unusual Suspects and Sugarland Brass. Hope to see some friends! We will bring the whole family for this one! 

Boogie Chillin' will be playing at The Whiskey in Santa Ana 

this Friday night October 24th from 9pm to 10:45. 

Here are some photos and a short video of the band at El Faro Rancho in Naranjo. The views were incredible and after a hard rain, the fog cleared just in time for the drive home. The food was great and the ceviche was so good, I had 2:) Little know fact, wives usually stay at these gigs for 5 hours or more, so I had ceviche upon arrival, and again during the last set of music. Judy and the guys were great and they really put on a show. The dance floor was grooving and a few followers were chanting along to some recognizable songs! I was also very pleased to hear a Santana song, sang in Spanish entirely. I will admit it, I have a great time and I always enjoy dancing, sometimes I just wish Matt and I could see another band together so we could dance together. But it look as if for now, with him drumming in 3 different bands, I will be waiting to dance with him for a long time. Pura Vida!

They are playing this Saturday September 27th from 1 - 4 pm at El Faro Restaurant and Bar in Naranjo. Here are some photos of the place, great view - Hope to see you there!

El Faro VIEW!!

Plenty of room to dance at El Faro, with delicious food & drinks!!!!

If you ever get a chance to see a show at the Hard Rock, I highly recommend it, since the place is awesome with stadium style level seating, basically there is not a bad seat in the entire house.  Here are some photos of the gig. 

Gio, a Tica is a wonderful singer with a deep, scratchy voice that can also hit and hold a high note. My favorite, though has to be when the band covers James Brown's, I FEEL GOOD, because Matt does an amazing job of mocking James Brown in the intro and really adding flare to the back up vocals. I  must say, I have a huge admiration for drummers, especially my husband because he not only uses all his arms & legs to play the drums, he also sings. I can barely dance and hold my beer at the same time:)

 Barry is great on the sax, adding just enough jazz to make it sound like Rock with Rhythm and Blues.

 Mark, Gordon and Gary are equally righteous on base and guitar, making everyone in the room dance. 

We even had some friends show up, it was a full house! We were dancing the whole night.

Joaquin, Doreen and Andres helped me cut a rug.

At the end of the night, ladies were dancing on the tables and guys were waving their flags with pride! 

Thanks, BEDROCK, it was a hit. Pura Vida!

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