Monday, June 1, 2015

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Did you know that companies which use blogging services for small business happen to have 126% more leads in comparison with companies that ignore such opportunity. Impressive, isn’t it? And that’s only one of the arguments in favor of business blogging that can convince you to hire me to start a small business blog for your company. I will set up your webpage or blog to mirror your company image or if applicable, your company website and get you started with awesome blogging including keywords, SEO friendly copyright and meta-tags. If you do not know what any of that stuff means, don't worry. I can handle it.

The fact is, business blogging impacts nearly each side of your business and if done properly gives guaranteed positive results.
Business aspects affected by blogging:

  • Traffic ~ Organic traffic increases as well as leads’ conversion rate.
  • Brand Image ~ The brand gets a personal touch, becomes more humanized, and the company acquires an image of the industry leader.
  • Social Media positioning ~ Company blog provides you with content ready for placement in social networks and newsletters. In addition, the brand gets promoted for free.
  • Future development ~ Your blog can potentially become a place to perform any kind of tests or researches or to place quality ads. Not to mention that each post becomes more valuable over time.

When it comes to numbers, stats say that having a business blog results in 434% more indexed pages, 97% more inbound links and 55% more visitors. Interested? If you have any questions about blogging for business or want to discuss website design, I would be happy to schedule a Skype interview to get to know your ideas and passions to help drive your business to the next level!

I also offer photography work, collages, graphics design, video work and website design. If you are in need of my services or simply have questions for a project, I am happy to visit via Skype, email or phone. Please contact me to discuss your design needs. I am self taught and work with several programs including and VSDC VideoSoftdev. I am currently learning about 3D and Virtual Reality to include in my video portfolio. I love working with graphics, video and web design and I learn something new each time I sit at the computer. During the past 5 years, our family uprooted and moved to Latin America Costa Rica. We have lived in Atenas, Grecia and now we have settled in Cebadilla. Since then, we opened a beef jerky company which we sell across Costa Rica. My husband  is a world class drummer by heart and works in Shipping as well at Go123Logistics. While we are not smoking grass-fed, local beef jerky with coffee firewood, we spend our time with our children, learning Spanish and teaching them how to love themselves, each other and the Earth. Our children are immersed in public school and speak fluent Spanish, often translating for us while we stumble along with our caveman Spanish, learning as we go. I also maintain this website and blog as well as others on part time basis. Below are some of my works and thank you for following our adventure! Pura Vida!

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