Thursday, April 23, 2015

Loading Coffee Firewood for Jerky

Our Beef Jerky business is booming in Costa Rica so we decided to put our kids to work:) just kidding! The rainy season is upon us in San Isidro de Grecia so it is time to relocate the large piles of accumulated coffee firewood to our smokehouse to be covered. We use the ever sustainable cuttings of coffee trees exclusively to smoke our beef jerky and we return the ashes to the coffee fields to replenish the rich soil. Max and Sara and their friends piled onto the farm tractor to help out.

Sofia even went along for the ride. It was "shits and giggles" the whole ride as we say in Texas and they were as happy as "a puppy with two peters!" Nothing is better than riding around on a tractor with your dear friends, enjoying the simple things in life and doing a little hard work and heavy lifting. The sounds of their laughter definitely made the heavy lifting seem lighter. 

Now with another several cords of coffee firewood in place, we smoked up another batch of jerky to service our new clients in Atenas. 

Our product is now sold in the Supermercado CoopeAtenas and the new Mini Super. This weekend we hired Hanny to hand out samples in the store. She is a bilingual Tica with long, curly red hair and a million dollar smile and she did a great job educating Ticos about our jerky. She even told us how a few of the older generation Ticos recalled their fathers and grandfathers using this ancient preparation method for meat (carne seca). We were thrilled with her ability to sell and how well our product was accepted in our new home among the locals. Speaking of locals, Roberto Muggli of Remax Atenas Best Climate is addicted to our jerky and placed an order for 7 Big Bags! Totaling 3.5 kilos, he is our customer of the month! Thanks Roberto, and continue the excellence in brokering the best real estate company in Atenas, and don't forget to share some jerky with Andrew Partain, our favorite Atenas realtor. 

Another great week in the jerky business in Costa Rica, enjoying the simple things in life, living on a coffee farm and spending quality time with our children. Matt even got to feel like a kid again, riding on the back of a tractor, laughing and making memories with the neighborhood kids. Pura Vida!

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