Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Colinas del Poás a Great Adventure for All

We began our day trip to Colinas del Poás delivering Carne Rico Beef Jerky.  We actually have 3 stores in Poás that sell our jerky: La Esquina del Sabor, Fresas del Volcan and Costa Rica Souvenirs. 
Once all the stores were stocked, we made our way into Colinas del Poás, but only after double checking their facebook page to make sure they were open. When we arrived, we were, as usual, astonished at the landscape. Max jumped out of the truck and ran down to the boats that lined the larger lake. 
There is parking next to the restaurant, although it was difficult for me to find the front door.  Don't give up, after walking around the large windows, I was able to get someone to let us inside.  The doors were locked due to some tree removal near the restaurant, but we were assured they were open and ready to take us fishing! Max and Sara were so excited so while we waited on our "tour guide", we browsed the menu. The restaurant reminded me of a beautiful country club dining room with floor to ceiling windows overlooking a breathtaking view and the smell of garlic and toasted bread filled the mountain air as the servers prepared for the lunch crowd.  The menu was deservedly medium priced featuring smoked rabbit and other smoked items and a proper wine list.  Matt and I were curious, being smokers ourselves, but we had already stuffed our faces full of beef jerky, sugared figs and fresh fruit from La Esquina. We definitely have plans to come back one evening, preferably without the children for a romantic dinner. 
We were quickly greeted by Henry, our fisher king and tour guide. He spoke a little English and we spoke a little Spanish. He guided us down a lovely path of flowers to a smaller pond full of trout surrounded by picnic tables, grills, a bar and a refrigerator stocked with beers and refreshments accompanied by the sound of a waterfall. The kids were overjoyed to fish in a bucket:) and this is literally fishing in a bucket. If you can't catch fish here, you might be a  Henry supplied us with bait, a pladoh like chicken product that you roll into a small ball and press onto the hook. Sara, our 3 1/2 year old caught 2 fish within minutes. As soon as you drop the hook, the fish attack. Some have developed a way of getting the bait without getting hooked, but we may as well have been scooping them out with a net. 

While the kids were fishing we visited with Henry, offering him a bag of our jerky as a gift. His eyes popped open wide and he began pulling meat out of his small refrigerator behind the bar. He anxiously told us he loved to smoke meat and he has a smoker in his house behind the restaurant. He showed us his chicken, ribs and rabbit. It smelled like hickory smoke, but he had a different name for the leña (firewood) he used, all found on the property. Matt and I wanted to kick ourselves for being so full. We were able to taste his smoked trout and it was perfect. The smoky flavor and the consistency of the fish was cooked to perfection. We were like old buddies, with something in common. This was a first for us, in Costa Rica since smoking meat is not as popular as frying or braising. The kids quickly caught 3 fish, and even though it only took them about 10 minutes, they were ready to explore. Henry walked Matt up to his house to show him his smoker while I took the kids to the trampoline. Henry also cleaned the fish for us and wrapped them to go. The trout is 5 mil ($10 US) per kg. We had 3 fish at under 1 kilo costing us about 3.5 mil ($7 US). If we would have stayed 30 minutes, we could have easily racked up a large fish bill, so be careful what you catch. You can't throw it back, a strict rule. What you catch, you take and pay for. 

As if it could not get any better, the kids jumped on the trampoline and ran around the lake and across the bridges. Colinas del Poás has free admission. They charge for fishing, but only what is caught. You can also pay a small charge for them to cook your catch in the restaurant, or take it home for dinner. There are also zip lines for 5 mil ($10 US) per person. 

Max wanted to zip line, but the weather was turning dark and cold, quickly. We put on our hoodies and walked up to the obstacles.  There are all kinds of bridges and obstacles only accessible with gear that they call Dynamics and Training on their website. Henry advised us to come back another day, earlier to zip and climb and fly, or whatever else you do on these obstacles that overhang the lake. 
We highly suggest Colinas del Poás for a picnic in beautiful surroundings. Especially if you want to take small children fishing because they are assured to catch something quickly. The trout was delicious. We decided to give the middle sized fish to our neighbors, teaching our children the wonderful feeling of giving and sharing the bounty of the catch, while showing off a little to their best friends. We stuffed the remaining 2 fish with garlic, onions and herbs and BBQ'd them for about 20 minutes. Check out our video to see the final results...yum yum! Pura Vida!


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