Thursday, February 26, 2015

New Business in Costa Rica, a Bright Idea

I am no expert, nor am I a rocket scientist. I can; however, suggest a new business for someone in Costa Rica. I have been on an eternal search for lampshades while living here almost 2 years. I wrote a blog about how all my lampshades were crushed during our shipment from Florida to Costa Rica called My 9 month search for Lampshades, and to no avail, I am still searching. I have had several people contact me to find out if I have found a store to replace lampshades, and my answer is NO. There are lighting stores here, but they only offer lighting. There are furniture stores and they only offer lamps. There is even an Ashley Furniture in Escazu and they do not sell shades, only the entire lamp. I have 4 lamps in the back of my laundry room, waiting for the kids to break them, needing shades and I have met many people with the same story. I have even searched Walmart and was told I could not remove one of the shades from the lamp because they were sold as a single item - with the lamp. I do not need the lamp base, just the shades. For this very reason, I am writing this blog to spark interest in someone willing to move here and open a business, like we did. If anyone out there is wondering what kind of business to open, may I suggest a lampshade, lamp & lighting store?  You could charge a premium because, like me, many people would love to keep our existing lamps and bring new light in with a fresh shade. I tried paper mache and it was ugly and it stunk! My husband made fun of me and the kids even laughed. If anyone is reading this and wondering how they can move to Costa Rica and open a business, I have your answer. Pura Vida!


  1. I'm so grateful I found your blog. I have a dream to move to Costa Rica and start a business with my husband. I have a while before I can move, but this Lamp shade business is a good idea for someone who can do take on the adventure sooner than I.

  2. I am so happy to have found your blog. I'm going to read more. Keep blogging and posting info for Americans who may want to live there. I want to talk to you personally though. I will try to tweet you! :)

  3. Hi Nicole, thanks for the comments. Don't forget to follow us on facebook and twitter for more info. I will keep busy posting our experience living the dream:) Pura Vida!


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