Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Frayjanes Lagoon Park Costa Rica A Better Field Trip

Every two weeks we drive around our mountain ridge to the Volcan Poás to deliver Beef Jerky to 3 local stores: La Esquina del Sabor, Fresas del Volcan and our newest store, Souvenirs, a quaint sweets & coffee shop next to Fredo Fresas. It only takes us about 30 minutes to make the trip down our mountain and up the next, so we usually load up the entire family and either spend the day at the Volcano, depending on the weather, or visit a new soda (restaurant) or visit a new waterfall. When we say "depending on the weather" it can be an extreme reality in the cloud forest. We have visited the volcano numerous times and never seen the actual crater due to the constant hovering cloud coverage and mist and rain and sometimes sleet. It is always cold and usually rainy;  however, today was a good day! We even decided to invite a friend of Max and Sara's for the trip. We made our jerky deliveries first, loading up on juice boxes and chicharones to accompany some jerky for a treat for the kids. We promised to take them to Frayjanes since the last visit to Frayjanes for the end of the year school field trip was a disaster. It was freezing and raining and muddy and the day ended quickly, so we promised to take Max and Sara back on a warmer day. Coming from San Pedro de Poás on Hwy 146 on the way to Poásito, make a right on CR712 going toward Frayjanes (Fraijanes) Alajuela and follow that road about 2 km until you see the park on the right, big signs and a parking lot with a manned gate entrance. We paid 3 mil ($6 US), 1 mil per adult and 1 mil to park, kids were free and we had a baby, 3, 5 & 10 year old in the car so this was an awesome deal.
The kids were ecstatic since there was some construction on the way that made the trip slower than usual. Even though we brought our jackets, it was warm in the sun and chilly in the shade. The park begins along the parking lot with several picnic tables and ranchos in a camping area along a lagoon to the right. It opens up to a giant field full of playsets, obstacles,  basketball courts, swings, soccer fields, bouncy houses, trampolines and plenty of park benches and bathrooms with showers. The bouncy houses and trampolines are not always there and charge 500 -700 colones for 10 minutes per child. The kids had fun running from slide to slide, swinging and see-sawing their way through the obstacles until Sara spotted the lagoon and the boats on the water. It was time to explore the rest of the park. 

We followed the concrete walkway around the lagoon, past several day-trippers under the ranchos provided with picnic tables, BBQ pits and water stations. Our first stop along the trail was a pier that jetted out to the middle of the lagoon. 

After fun on the pier watching the geese bathe, we made our way up a trail around the back side of the lagoon which led us to the array of cabins for rent for nights and weekends. They range from 5 mil to 20 mil ($10 - $40 US), depending on the size and amount of people in the party. We arrived at the boat dock to decide upon renting 2 paddle boats, 3 people on each. 1 mil ($2 US) each person (baby was free). We were enamored with the beauty of the park from the lagoon's perspective, full of wildlife, fish and birds alike. The boat guy said we were aloud to fish, but we did not have any fishing poles with us so we don't know what the rules are, or what kind of fish are in the lake. We will fish next trip for sure. 
After our workout on the lake, everyone was hungry. We decided to have a picnic so Sara and I walked across the street to the Super for 6 mil ($12 US) worth of provisions. I purchased 1 avocado, a package of sandwich buns, some ham, 3 bags of assorted chips, and 1 large fresca. We bought some fresh strawberries and queso palmito in Poás while making deliveries, which is a MUST. The best strawberries grow in the cloud forest and the freshest string cheese (queso palmito) is a favorite. Without utensils, we carefully built the best avocado, ham, chip and cheese hoagies ever. We finished the day with feeding the geese. We were surprised at how friendly they were, and fat. The geese in Texas would chase you down for feeding the ducks, but in Frayjanes, they are friendly and they love chips. 

We highly recommend Fraijanes Costa Rica for a day trip or weekend. We spoke to a few of our local friends who say that Sundays are packed, so a day in the week is probably best for a visit. If you are traveling in Costa Rica with kids, this is a must if in Poás and enjoying a good weather day. Pura Vida!

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