Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Restaurant Supply Store in Grecia

We are currently building an awesome smoke house to accommodate our Beef Jerky company and the growing needs of our customers. One of the items needed is a long, heavy duty metal thermometer used for deep fryers and restaurants. We have purchased many of our supplies at Jopco in San Jose which we absolutely love, but not so much love driving to San Jose; besides, they do not have the thermometer we need. We found a place that does carry an 8" long stem thermometer called Tips in Pavas, another drive we do not love. So we asked just about everyone (Tico's) we know and we searched for hours on the internet to locate a vendor closer to home in Grecia. I remembered one day as we were driving from Atenas to Grecia through the car lot heaven (or hell) area and seeing a sign that said "restaurant supply", but only briefly, since by the grace of God, there was no traffic that day and the truck was at a speed higher than 5 mph.  So we took a chance and loaded all 3 kids in the truck for a scavenger hunt through Grecia. Luckily, after checking every store in town, hanging out at the park and enjoying ice cream to bribe the kids, we went to one last destination. My memory served me well. Leaving Grecia towards Atenas, go past the soccer field and the store is located on the left just before all the car lots. The store is called NorthFrio S.A. and we hit the jackpot with Diana Rubiano Garces. She did not have the thermometer we were looking for in stock, but she gladly placed it on order for us to be delivered within a few days. We were so siked we rushed home to write this blog and tell everyone. With the price of gas and the traffic in San Jose, who wants to drive to get a good deal on good finds for the kitchen, be it commercial or residential? So here is a few photos of some of their supplies, needless to say, they offer much more than the items in the photos, including excellent customer service. Thanks Diana!
If you are in need of anything stainless steel, or just some awesome bar glasses for your home, stop by NorthFrio and say "hi" to Diana. If you are in need of a particular specialty item, send her an email or call her. Pura Vida!

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