Saturday, August 2, 2014

Max Presents His Project to the School in English and Spanish

We are so proud of our son, Max who will turn 5 in about 1 month. Since we moved him out of a private school in Atenas and into a public school in San Isidro de Grecia, we have been watching him closely to make sure he adapts well in our new home with a new language. He is progressing well in his new school and he has made many friends. We also noticed that his teachers are strict here providing a more structured setting with rules and schedules which Max thrives upon; something that was definitely lacking at his old school. I know that not every school in Costa Rica can be compared to his new school, but they should  all strive to be this great. Max has homework every day and he is learning so fast. He speaks Spanish better than we do and he is also singing songs in Spanish as well. We live at the top of the hill in San Isidro and we walk him to school each morning and walk down and pick him up at the end of the school day. I never thought I would appreciate walking my children to school, but it is very rewarding. 
We always visit on the walk and sometimes he saves his allowance for a lollipop (BonBon) after school. I usually get both him and Sara an ice cream pop (helado) on Fridays, a trick I use to teach them the days of the week. When we get home, we always go over his assignment book to look at his homework from yesterday and translate the homework for the new day.

Last week, Matt and I were on edge because there was quite a bit of translation necessary on our part. With some help from Google Translate, I deciphered the orders. Max was required to create a project regarding either safety with fires in the home; or benefits of not littering our rivers using only household items on a poster board and he was  to give a 5 minute speech in front of his class for the science fair "feria de ciencias". 5 minutes!  He is not even 5 years old! How could the school expect a 5 year old to give a speech from memory?? Matt and I were baffled and a bit scared. We visited with a friend in the neighborhood and she assured us that her son also did the project a few years ago when he was 5 and it was only 2 minutes. As concerned as we were, we moved forward and found some old poster board in the house and some old plastic bottles. We talked with Max and explained the project step by step, allowing him to glue and color. We decided to make it as simple as possible.

After a few nights of practice, he started remembering all his lines. We were, again, amazed. He was reciting his lines in English and in Spanish. He even added a funny "slash" across his throat at the very end while saying, "Los pescados el muerte", rough translation, the fish will die. So the big day arrived and when we picked Max up from school, his teacher told me, in Spanish, and very fast, that Max did very well and she wanted him to present the project to the entire school with a few others next Thursday. We were so proud of him, and at the same time, we were not sure if we understood her correctly since she spoke so fast. A week later, we arrived a few minutes early to pick Max up, in hopes of seeing what was going on at the school. Sure enough, all the kids were lined up in rows and a few students were giving their presentations. Max, almost 5 years old, stood in front of the entire school and gave his presentation, with a little help from his teacher, "Mi NiƱa" as Max affectionately calls her. Though it is difficult for us to understand rapid fire Spanish from Max's teacher, it appears that our suspicions were correct and Max won or was selected  to represent his class. We were so worried about him, but from all accounts he grabbed the microphone with no hesitation preformed the lines we had practiced, reminding everyone how important it is to take care of our environment. Our only disappointment was that the parents were not invited to attend, probably because we might have been a distraction. So we were not able to get any good pictures or video of Max's performance of his first science project. But, when he came outside the gates to meet us, he excitedly told us that he got to talk on the telephone (microphone) in front of the whole school. Other than that, just another day at school , no big deal, "Can I have some ice cream now?" What were we so worried about? Pura Vida!

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