Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Max Goes to the Hospital for Stomach Virus, FREE!

A couple of months ago, we decided to take a trip to Panama to renew our drivers licenses, which needs to be done every 3 months, even if you have already applied for residency. Since we have 3 children ranging from ages 6 months to 5 years old, we decided to leave Max with a friend and Sofia, the baby with her Padrina (Godmother) and only take Sara, the middle child:) It ended up being a great trip, spending quality time with Sara, teaching her to swim and getting our fresh Visa stamps for our drivers licenses, all while being puked on...but that is another story. Anyway, while we were gone only 1 night, we were surprised to return home only to learn that Max had been sick all night and morning with a stomach virus. Apparently, he was up all night pooping in our friends house, probably keeping them up all night with fears of their son becoming ill as well. Our friends are Ticos and they decided to do what ALL Ticos probably do in these circumstances; they took Max to the hospital around 4 am. Max was very proud of his special band aid that covered his shot. He was also given medicine (rectal inserts) for nausea and diarrhea as well as a saline powder mix similar to Pedialyte. Our friend told me it only took a few hours and he seemed to be better by the time they returned home. Her son, luckily was off to school by then and her husband was probably happy to go to work, away from the poopfest that occurred at their home all night. Max spent the rest of the morning sleeping and only ate some rice that afternoon before we returned home. When we picked him up, he told us his story with great pride while looking for a little sympathy from his parents who, for the first time, were not there to go though the experience with him. Our friends were quite impressed with Max's ability to communicate with the doctor at the hospital completely in Spanish, which is a must being that almost no one speaks any English at the public hospitals. As the conversation continued, we asked Marcella if we owed her money as we apologized profusely for leaving her with a sick child. She said no, there was no bill. She did tell us that the hospital asked for Max's cedula, but she did not have anything. He received treatment without any identification and free of charge. You can only imagine if the tables were turned and my husband and I had taken her son into the emergency room in Texas. The outcome, most surely would have been quite different. We live in a humble, farming neighborhood and we've noticed that all of our neighbors and their children use the public system. They often question me when I take Sofia, our 6 month old into a private doctor for her vaccinations, since she is a Tica, she could go to the hospital for free. Having the public system available to us is so foreign that we forget to take advantage of the many options we have available to us and our Costa Rican born child. Perhaps in the future, we will remember the public option when Puky Sara and Poopy Max strike again. Pura Vida!

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