Monday, July 14, 2014

Texas Beef Jerky Hecho en Costa Rica!

Our day began early, as usual, being parents of 3 small children. We had high ambitions and 4 cases of mouthwatering, coffee-wood smoked JERKY to sell. 1 case was already sold to AXR in Jacó, where our JERKY is selling surprisingly fast, then our plans were to visit PerroVida Craft Beer at Rainmaker in Parrita, then Quepos to Manuel Antonio. We were lucky enough to leave the baby with her Padrina (Godmother) since we knew it would be a very long day in the truck.

We set off around 6:45 am with our swimsuits on and our truck packed full of beach toys, a camera and a cooler full of Frescas, sandwiches, fruit and 4 cases of Beef Jerky. First stop was Jacó and for such a lively surf town, this place was more like a ghost town at 8:45 in the morning. There were a few surfers riding on their skateboards in flip flops to the beach with their surfboards in hand, impressive, if I do say so myself, considering I have a hard time just walking in flip flops. Matt went into AXR with a case of Jerky and he showed up just in time since there was a large group of people from the states arriving to rent some ATV's and enjoy a guided tour. He was wearing his Got Jerky? shirt and they all noticed and purchased 6 bags on the spot for their day trip. This stop was a huge success, thanks AXR! 

Next stop, Rainmaker and PerroVida. We were not sure what to expect, but I knew that Jerky goes great with beer, so I wanted to take the time to visit this Craft Brewery and pick their brains while hopefully sampling some of their tasty beverages. I read an article about their venture here in Costa Rica and they seem like a great group of people to pair up with since we have high hopes of sponsoring a booth at the upcoming beer fests to sell our JERKY. It is located just outside of Parrita. Kaitlin met us with her 2 sons and gave us a tour of the brew house. It is located at the base of the entrance to Rainmaker Park. The kids all ate some jerky and the adults sampled some delicious craft brewed beer. I could not pick a favorite since they were all so delicious, but the Perra Salvaje Wild Berry Hefeweizen was light and refreshing and I remember saying, "I could drink this all day!" and the Diogenes the Dog Double IPA was outstanding and the dark beers, Black Betty Black IPA & Massive Mastiff Black Imperial IPA were intense with aromas of coffee and chocolate...mmmmmm...good. Just as we were leaving, Micky, the owner of Rainmaker Park and part owner of PerroVida Craft Beer arrived and sampled some Jerky. He was in love with it and thought it would be a great addition to his cafe at Rainmaker. We sold our 2nd case and plan to go back to Rainmaker next week for the 2 hour hike and tour. 

We loaded back up in the truck, and headed for Manuel Antonio. We have been to Manuel Antonio several times before and every time, we find ourselves stopping at the same store to load up on ice, snacks and drinks, which happens to be the finest market in Manuel Antonio, so we thought we would take a chance and see if the owners were there to sell some JERKY. We arrived around Noon and Matt went inside to Super Joseths with our son, Max to pick out some treats. He was able to meet with the owners and they told him they had a second store located on the beach and they loved our JERKY and purchased 2 cases! WOW! I knew when Matt walked back to the truck with a smile from ear to ear, he was happy! All sold out of JERKY, there was nothing left for us to do, but hit the beach and have some fun with the kiddos!
Pura Vida!

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