Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Costa Rica HAPPY Now Offering Vacation Rentals, Long-Term Rentals and Commercial Rentals

Costa Rica Happy was just empowered with For Rent Costa Rica, one of the largest, and best databases, allowing our website visitors all access to thousands of Long-Term, Vacation and Commercial Rentals throughout Costa Rica. All inquiries go straight to the property owner, with no Realtor or middle-man to complicate the process of finding that dream vacation getaway, or even a long-term rental if you are planning to relocate, to start a new life in Costa Rica. If this service would have been available to us when we made our journey to Costa Rica, we could have saved time and frustration and received first-hand knowledge from the property owners. Whether you want to live in a cool central valley city, or on top of a mountain behind a volcano; or  maybe you want a beachfront vacation or to relax in a jungle hide-away; all homes throughout the entire country can be searched through our website and viewed with spectacular photos, some with 360° circular photos. 
No matter what your budget or agenda for visiting the most diverse country in the world, you can find the right place on our website and communicate directly with the property owners. And if you are an entrepreneur and would like to start a new business or relocate your existing business to Costa Rica, we also offer commercial rentals. Costa Rica is a country that gives financial incentives for large and small business owners making it an attractive location for forward thinking entrepreneurs and business owners within a bio-diverse setting. The proof is in the pudding, as we are enjoying success with the aforementioned positive aspects of business ownership in Costa Rica with our own Carne Rico JERKY.  
From extreme high-end luxury, eco-friendly and handicapped accessibility to thrift and cost-conscious lodging, your ideal rental is just a few clicks away to being Costa Rica HAPPY.

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