Saturday, July 26, 2014

Best Print Company in Atenas / Grecia

Starting our Beef Jerky company, we needed some business cards, T shirts and banners. Living in Atenas, there was only 1 place to go, Estudios Fotograficos WJ CHACON. It is centrally located at the park in Atenas. We did do some internet research and with some suggestions of friends of printers in San Jose, after all was said and done, our small town local company had good prices and we were able to work directly with the owner; which was a sigh of relief because driving to San Jose to do business is low on our list. Being from a small town in Texas, we like the idea of working with a smaller, local company. Since we lived in Roca Verde, we often used to walk to town with the kids and take care of business at the print shop before playing in the park and eating ice cream; being a much better scenario than driving to San Jose any day. 
We recently moved to Grecia for more land and to expand our business. With a growing business, we continue to need printing work, so we decided to check out the local print company in Grecia, Las Mercedes Imprenta y Litografia. Mercedes is a full-blown large print shop with the capacity to fill the largest of orders, no matter the size of your business, with state of the art equipment. Though we have never seen Mr. Chacon's print shop, nor do we know if he outsources his printing; on the surface, Mercedes appears to be the more high-tech and professional establishment. We took our normal needs into Mercedes: signs, banners, and what-not; and they responded the next day with pricing as much as 50% higher than the quote we received from Mr. Chacon. So guess where we took our business? This was a no-brainer and Atenas is only a 30 minute drive from Grecia. We arrived in Atenas and met with the owner again, Wilberth Chacon to express our concerns and he was quick to make insightful suggestions to trim our budget further, help with translations and provide us with a 3 day turn-a-round for a large metal sign and several banners. After business was concluded, we were able to rekindle memories of our daughter climbing her favorite tree in the park followed by ice cream at Pops. Pura Vida!

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