Monday, June 2, 2014

Octopus Course in Atenas, Costa Rica

Our kids have a favorite park in Atenas, Costa Rica. They call it the "Octopus Course". It is actually called Prados and Matt and I call it the obstacle course because it is full of obstacles just like in a training course.
They enjoy the ropes, tires, punching bags, hills and all the unique lifts like a bar with cement filled buckets to act as a barbell. The park is quite large, also featuring 2 pools, picnic tables, several covered structures for meetings and parties as well as a futbol field (soccer).
There are many things to do and we often walk there from Roca Verde in less than 20 minutes. The other great thing about the park is it is shaded and has several large climbing trees filled with toucans.
There is also a small snack shack at the entrance that offers healthy food and drink options like smoothies, naturales and fruit. The fee is 3 mil ($6 US) for the whole family. The fee may be more if you have a larger family. They also offer monthly and yearly rates. The fee also seems to be predicated whether you use the pool or not, since we never paid to just play on the course. Sometimes, we negotiated if we knew we were not going to be there long. The lady that takes the money is very fond of children too, so once you become a regular, your fee might change. If you are in Atenas, check out Prados, or the "Octopus Course" for a great and shaded fun-filled workout. The pools are cold, so be prepared and if you plan to swim, aim for 11:00 to Noon since the towering palms block much of the sun. Pura Vida!

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