Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Why We Started a Blog?

We consider ourselves a young family, only because of the age of our children. After working 20 years for the same company, growing weary of the negativity around us, and having to set appointments for our children to play with friends, we started soul searching for an avenue to a better, less complicated way of life. We are from the great state of Texas and still proud to be Texans, but we are adventurous and love to travel so we started talking about an international move. We searched for family oriented places that were safe and offered a good quality of life, focusing our attention on Latin America. With a little inspiration from International Living Magazine and plenty of our own due diligence, Costa Rica showed much promise, boasting a reputation for being the HAPPIEST COUNTRY ON EARTH. So we thought we would put the reputation to the test and make it our new American dream in Costa Rica. 

We noticed, during our research, there were plenty of articles and websites writing about the quintessential retiree, but not enough information about expats with children, where to go, what to do; since we can’t spend all day drinking margaritas on the beach. Our blog was spawned from the lack of information for families, like us, looking for new experience and a lifestyle change. We will document our experiences in an effort to help other families, like us, and anyone else considering this great adventure we have embarked upon. We have endured child birth, surgeries, dental work, immigration issues, public and private schools and differences in living situations. We also document our struggles and journey opening a business in a foreign language and introducing beef jerky to Ticos. We encourage you to send comments, questions and photos and welcome to Costa Rica. Pura Vida! 

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