Thursday, March 13, 2014

The New Costa Rica BeerFest Scene and Perrovida Craft Beer

I was lucky enough to read a highlighted interview on Expat Focus about a new microbrewery in Manuel Antonio. Matt and I have often commented about the lack of awesome microbrews in Costa Rica. I happen to love Bavaria Dark since it reminds me of my favorite beer back home, Shiner Bock. Since I have been pregnant, 3 kids in 5 years is not forever) I take my drinking very seriously, only allowing myself 1 icecold beer a day. That being said, I choose wisely, none of the light stuff for me, I want a full flavored beer and it better be cold. My husband, on the other hand can be cheap or less picky since he has no limit. He is happy enough with Pilsen since he has convinced himself it tastes like his favorite beer, Budweiser (not Bud Lite, the real deal). So during our travels, we have only seen a handful of restaurants with large beer options, and only 1 other microbrewery on Lake Arenal called Volcano Brewing Company. So, you can imagine my excitement when I read the article about a new microbrewing company just 2 hours away from my house in Manuel Antonio called Perrovida. I only have about 6 more months of nursing our newest daughter, and then I might actually get the opportunity to taste more than 1 beer! CHEERS! If anyone has interest, I also found an article about a Costa Rica Beerfest next month, which I absolutely plan to attend. I will bring a pocket full of our delicious BEEF JERKY and go taste some homestyle beers.
We had beerfests in Colorado and Texas all the time, so I am really looking forward to a nice Pale Ale or a Brown Ale, maybe even a Stout. If anyone is interested in the article, check this out, great video and interesting logo, but I especially approve of the effort to be green and clean:
The Festival of Beer Brewers - Festival Cerveza Artesanal, to be held April 5th @ 11am in Escazu. Tickets can be purchased at different locations, but ground zero is La Bodega de Chema in San Jose.  With 15 different beers to taste, me thinks it will be fun. A quick list of the brewers: 
La Bodega de Chema is selling most of the beers above, good to know - You can bet we'll be there with our jerky and our camera...oh and our glasses!!! Pura Vida!

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