Wednesday, March 5, 2014

For the Love of Parsley!

I'll admit it...I love parsley. And so does the majority of the world - it is the most commonly used food in many countries. I know all the restaurants use it as a garnish, and the flat leaf tastes great in anything, but it is so good for you and it goes in everything, what is there not to love? 
I met a lady once who did not like cilantro...and I'm like what?? How am I going to make this awesome pico de gallo without cilantro? I made a small portion for her and replaced the cilantro with parsley, and wallah! It was so good. Now we make it all the time to put on our baked potatoes. I bet I can't think of a meal that does not taste better without parsley. You can even make tea out of it. Parsley is also loaded with health benefits and, after all, has been around for over 2,000 years. Parsley is rich in Vitamins C, B 12, K and A. These are all good to boost the immune system and heal the nervous system while keeping your bones strong since it is loaded with Potassium. It is also good for kidney function, helping to flush the system of excess fluids. The folic acid in parsley is heart healthy and controls blood pressure. It also acts as an anti inflammatory to help relax soar muscles. All this while aiding with digestion. Scientists have also called parsley a chemoprotective food. The essential oil can not only aid in hair loss when rubbed on the scalp, but also is being studied to fight cancerous tumors. So now that you know all this, why not add some parsley to your food? If it is good for you, eat it! 
My favorite way to add parsley to my salads is a trick I learned from Jamie Oliver, the chef. He has a cool gadget, called the flavor shaker that he makes salad dressings with, but living in Costa Rica, it is expensive to order cool gadgets on the internet, so I got crafty. I have a small tupperware that I pour oil and various vinegars into, add a round river rock, add my chopped parsley and various other herbs plus salt and pepper. Shake real hard, and you get a beautiful green, flavorful salad dressing. The rock helps to muddle the herbs, bringing out more flavors and oils from within. Even if you sprinkle it on your french fries, give it a try, for the love of parsley!

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