Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Costa Rica ranks the Safest Country in Central America and Amongst the Safest Countries in Latin America

FTI Consulting has published its 2014 Latin America Security Index, since it began ranking safety in countries since 2007. Costa Rica ranked as the safest country in Central America and one of the safest countries in the whole Latin America, receiving a 2 on the scale of 1-5, with no country receiving a 1, representing extremely safe, even with neighboring countries of Venezuela, Honduras and Guatemala receiving unsafe rankings, and direct neighbors, Nicaragua receiving a 4. The report examines how each country in Latin America is working towards improving the safety level, thus reducing public insecurity levels and the outcome it has on the business community and the effect on long term trends.
Mario Zamora, the Costa Rican Security Minister was quoted, "The 2014 Latin America Security Ranking will inevitably translate into better conditions for tourism and foreign investment." The report generally highlights that organized crime and extreme violence surround the activities of drug cartels and the movement of drugs from production to the consumer as the major source of insecurity and becomes a factor for social and political unrest. The Costa Rican government has reported plans to continue to professionalize the security forces and the investment in public safety security programs. We have always felt secure in our new home, Costa Rica, but we live in a family oriented town and do not venture into the dark alleys at night in the big city. We have been to dinner a few times in San Jose, and honestly, did not have any problems. But like every big city, there are dark alleys. Safety was our first priority since moving here with children, and just like we do not go swimming in the ocean at night, we do not take our family into an area or country with major unrest, and a bad safety ranking. 

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