Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Salt Water Crocodile in the Water!

There was a small 12' salt water crocodile off the coast of Australia yesterday surfing Cable Beach keeping the beachgoers out of the water.
 I say small since some of the local crocs here are closer to 20' in the T├írcoles River. We are no strangers to crocodiles in Costa Rica!

..but to read more about the Aussie story yesterday, check this out: Surfing Croc Shuts Cable Beach from The West Australian. According to the onlookers, the croc stayed in one spot most of the day staring at people along the shore. They must have excellent eyesight in Australia, or maybe the salty took off his sunglasses!


  1. Wow now that is scary....omg..I didn't ever think about crocodiles not being a fish. Can a saltwater croc live in fresh water???? xoxo

  2. They hang out in large river mouth openings into the sea. We have a large nest of them in the Tarcoles River here and it is a site to see from the bridge. Sometimes there are 40 or 50 of them sunning on the banks. https://discoveringatenas.com/t-rcoles-crocodiles.html


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