Saturday, February 15, 2014

Doctors Orders: Put the baby in the sun for 15 minutes every morning

It is Saturday morning in beautiful Atenas, Costa Rica and I have the baby and house to myself. Matt took Max and Sara to futbol practice and Sofia and I get some much needed quiet time, even if it is only less than 2 hours, it is so appreciated. While I can think of a list of things I could be doing, I have opted for easy listening and sunbathing, since, after all, these were the doctor's orders. I gave birth to 2 children in Texas and remember my doctor suggesting that I take walks every day to give the baby some Vitamin D, since they tend to not get enough. But what do you do when it is 100° outside by 10am in August - September in Texas, or 30° in Denver? Well, in Costa Rica, the weather is perfect for a newborn to lay in the sun each morning for 15 minutes. The doctor made it a point to tell us how important it was to lay the baby in the sun around 8 - 9 am each morning, with no clothes. So each morning, Sofi gets her nude sunbathing time, which she loves.
She usually stretches when the wind blows and falls in and out of sleep in the warm, 75° sun. Now that I have seen how happy she is, I have decided to join her, with a bathing suit on, unfortunately. While I would love to wear my birthday suit too, I am not as cute as a newborn, so I will spare my family and neighbors the sight of me lying naked in the sun.
Too bad it's taboo, because it sure looks like it would be a great beginning to the day, for everyone. Pura Vida!

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