Thursday, January 30, 2014

Sofia's First Day at the Beach, 1 week old in Puntarenas

This is my first blog since I gave birth just over 1 week ago to a beautiful, healthy 6 1/2 pound baby girl in Costa Rica, making her our honorary "Tica Meeks".  Since I have followed the strict rule of no raw fish during my pregnancy, I was craving ceviche and a chance to restock our seafood supply at home, so we decided to take a drive to Puntarenas. Sofi is only 1 week old, but the doctor prescribed about 15 minutes of pure sunshine a day, so we loaded up the family and hit the beach. Sofia is loved by her brother and sister, Max and Sara. 

While Puntarenas is not the prettiest beach in Costa Rica, it is the best place to buy seafood. The kids always have fun since the beaches at the end of the peninsula are full of playground structures and rocks, and, for the most part, are cleaned and well maintained. Sofi seemed to enjoy the warm sun and all the Ticos were blessing the baby as they walked by. 
I can't express how wonderful I feel and what a great experience it has been moving here, especially knowing it has been 20 degrees several times back in Texas. We do not miss the freezing rains of Texas winters and the warmest beach days here, are typically 90 degrees with good winds, so compared to a still day in Texas in August at a boiling 110 degrees+, it has been another perfect day in Costa Rica. I had a fantastic pregnancy and a perfect delivery at CIMA, (another story) and now we have a blue-eyed Tica in our family.  Life is GOOD! PURA VIDA!


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