Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Whiskey

The Whiskey is cool place in Santa Ana, Costa Rica with a biker theme, but open to all walks of life, even children. The burgers are great, the beer prices are good, there is an array of whiskey to choose from, and they even have a cute girl grilling kebabs on a pit in the back where they specialize in signature, Jack Daniels BBQ Sauces. The place is big and open so it doesn’t get too smoky, even with a small smoking section in the courtyard; the patrons are good, fun loving folks that don’t cause any trouble and the owners Adolph, George and Erick run a good business.
But I go there for the live music. I have been a professional drummer percussionist for 30 years and when we moved to Costa Rica I was looking to continue to pursue my passion. One day at the feria in Atenas I was wearing one of my drummer t-shirts and a fella stopped me and asked if I was, in fact, a drummer. I replied, “Yes”, of course, we exchanged phone numbers and ultimately I was invited to come out to the Whiskey for the open mic night jam held every Sunday. This was a fun way for these guys to audition me because they needed a new drummer. I passed the audition and now I am a member of Bed Rock. This is a great classic rock band and we have a show at the Whiskey on December 21st that you should not miss. I continue to frequent the Sunday jams and last Sunday was a real treat. I had the pleasure of playing with a true, consummate, professional harmonica player, singer and front man Terry McLaughlin. Terry was recently written up in the Costa Rican national music periodical, En Tarima and deservingly so. We exchanged phone numbers and Terry was kind enough to call me the next day to exchange mutual respect and talk about the future. I am so excited about the potential for playing music in my new home of Costa Rica and it all started at the Whiskey.

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