Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Summer, Winter, Rainy, Dry??

When we sold our home in Texas and moved to Atenas, Costa Rica in May, we were told it was the rainy season, or Winter.  Strange, we thought since it was already mid 90's in Texas.  We stayed at a beach house for 2 weeks and it was hot. There was no AC and the mosquitoes were terrible, but every afternoon, the rain would cool things off a bit.  I was worried about Dengue Fever and we were all covered in mosquito bites (me, my husband and our 2 & 4 year old) but we were delighted to arrive in Atenas finally and have some reprieve.  We spent over 1 year deciding where to live and we chose Atenas because it supposedly had a great climate and many offerings for a family, as well as many other reasons. Needless to say, we absolutely love the weather in Atenas.  I think it topped at 84° and, like the beach, it rained every afternoon and almost got chilly by 6pm.  Now we are approaching the dry season, or Summer.  I still do not get it, because my husband and I look at our globe and turn it and try to figure out how in the world it is Summer here and Winter in the states.  We are not scientist though, so I can lend some experience as a pregnant woman.  It has become hotter and our afternoon showers do not bestow upon us as regularly as before.  If the winds pick up, I will be happier, but I have noticed a difference, be it ever so slight.  I look forward to enduring this not so harsh summer since our hometown of Houston often lingered in the 106+° so mid 80's will not hurt me.  My Tico friend even complained a bit at the park this morning, saying Summertime will be hotter.  We smiled and told him our weather stories from Houston and, for a moment, he had a look of regret on his face for complaining at all.  I here they are even lighting fireplaces back in Houston because it is rainy and cold now.  I definitely do not miss Texas winters since they are basically just a never ending cycle of cold fronts produced by sleet and rain.  So, next time someone says, "It's Hot!" all I can say is "PURA VIDA!"

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