Wednesday, November 20, 2013

NFL Deprogramming

Part of being born and raised in Texas means football is a part of the soul. I started playing organized football at the age of 6, as did all my friends, and played as a starter through high school. Though I was an above average athlete in high school, I did not have what it takes to play college ball. So to fill the void, I coached little league at my old elementary school while I was in college. I dreamed of days of having children of my own, my son would be more talented than me and I could live vicariously through him. Hailing from Houston, I was a diehard, Luv Ya Blue Oilers fan, until Bud “asshole” Adams moved them to Tennessee. Then I quickly became a deeply committed Texans fan when the beloved Bob McNair brought a franchise back to Houston. I watched football all day on Sundays, listened to Sports 610 radio constantly, consumed the NFL Network, and no matter where I was, there was always someone to talk to about football. So when we decided to move to Costa Rica, I just assumed that with technology I would be able to continue my NFL lifestyle.

We arrived in Costa Rica in the month of May, August rolled around and the season had snuck up on me. In four months I hadn’t talked to anybody about football, listened to any football radio, or watched the NFL Network. I was so caught up in our new life and along with the lack of constant football stimulus, my lifelong passion was not so important anymore. As a true fan, I wasn’t going to just forget about my Texans so I started to look for my options. What I found was the NFL network offers Game Pass which you can stream in Costa Rica. For $200 you get all the games of every NFL team, NFL Network programing, Redzone highlights of every NFL team, and I could jump right back into my NFL lifestyle. For $99 you get just your team’s games and nothing else. I chose the $99 option, it wasn’t a hard decision and the way our season is going, it was probably a waste of money. This week my wife asked me “who are we playing this week and is it a noon game?” and for the first time in 10 years I didn’t know the answer. What other deprogramming does Costa Rica have in store for me?  I bet my wife and kids are excited, and so am I.
Yes, we all wore football gear, even the baby!    Now we are looking for futbol jerseys!  :)

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