Monday, November 18, 2013

Friday Market

Traditional Oxcart

 Our walk to town often consists of something special.  Last Friday, we witnessed a traditional oxcart with farmers happy to pose for our photo.
Sara was delighted, at first, but when the farmers tried to lure her into the cart for a great photo opportunity, she began to cry, so we missed out. Too bad Max was in school that day or he would have been hanging from their oxen horns!

 Sara loves to visit the kittens at the Donation
Center for animals. Please check them out:
for more info, we always believe in adopting our pets,
there are too many lost souls wandering the streets.
 We always budget 10,000 colones, or 10 mil, or $20 US for our Friday market trip.  This buys all the fruits and vegetables we need to cook our meals, we rarely eat out and we even make homemade fruit smoothies daily after our walk, so, needless to say, we eat alot of the fresh stuff. The only thing that usually breaks my budget is when my husband wants his Italian sausage, but adding fresh, local yogurt and homemade Italian sausage usually only runs an extra 4 mil, $8 US.

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