Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Christmas trees and Palm trees

I have always admired the effort when people wrap a palm tree in Christmas lights.  Being from Texas, it always reminded me of Florida.  Now we live in Atenas, Costa Rica and this is our first Christmas here. I actually enjoy walking and driving through town noticing fully decorated Christmas trees on front porches. The Ticos (Costa Ricans) tend to decorate in early November, probably because they do not celebrate Thanksgiving. I think it was our tradition to decorate for Christmas after Thanksgiving. This year, we decided to join our neighbors and decorate early. I begged my husband to let us wrap a palm tree, but after discussing it, we decided the ladder just would not reach. The good news is, I can look out the windows and our Christmas tree is surrounded by palm trees. This is our first Tropical Christmas and our 4 year old, Max is already asking how Santa will come, since there is no chimney.  We made up a story about Santa. In Costa Rica, he changes his habits and slides down the palm trees to deliver his presents since homes here do not typically have fireplaces. Max and Sara seemed totally happy with our new Christmas story and do not even care that their stockings do not hang on the mantle, but on a ledge in the hallway instead. So we will create a new Christmas tradition with no snowmen, fireplace or mantle. But it is really pleasant to see a Christmas tree surrounded by palm trees, I suggest you try it:)

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