Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Allergies in Costa Rica too

I have read articles galore in +International Living  and heard testimonials about expats moving to Costa Rica and, miraculously, their allergies disappear.  Wow, I thought, with chronic allergies, that is a good enough reason for me to leave Texas, as anyone who can sneeze 200 times in one morning in October in Texas can relate. It hurts and makes you feel bad.  So we did it. We live in Atenas Costa Rica, world's best climate, and as much as I love it here, my allergies are showing signs.  We have been in the rainy season here, so the humidity was high and my allergies were not so bad, I thought the tale might be true!  But this morning on our mountain walk, the wind was blowing, the air was 70° and the sky was clear, the dry season is upon us, and not that I am counting, but I have sneezed my nose into redness.  So, while not all people are the same, don't bet your money on miracles!  Allergies do exist in paradise:)

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  1. You are discussing allergies and your pictures shows you sniffing a


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